The Women at the Top® (WATT®) Network is a community of like-minded women who share the WATT® vision and mission. Our goal is to empower aspiring women to lead.  We do this by providing information, training, and connections.

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Welcome to the Women at the Top® (WATT®) Network

You have taken the first step in starting or continuing your leadership journey simply by taking the time to learn more about the Women at the Top® (WATT®) Network. You are part of a very special group of women that have decided to stand tall and take charge of their careers.

WATT® Vision

Our vision is to shatter the glass ceiling by developing women leaders so that there is a woman in every board room. Period. (Although the studies show that three is really the charm for making a change, you do have to start somewhere.)

WATT® Mission

Our mission is to empower women to lead. We will do this by creating and facilitating opportunities for women to have voice, influence, and power at all levels in Corporate America. How? By conducting research, providing education, and developing resources and tools that empower women.

What is the Benefit to Me?

  • Information: Keep informed of what’s happening with women at the top through access to the latest research, articles and an exclusive members-only, monthly WATT® Report.  In addition, access leadership tool-kits to help you be more effective as you climb the ladder (i.e strategic planning, presenting, hiring, firing, running meetings, project management and much more!)
  • Training: Obtain access to experts through podcasts, live teleseminars, webinars and other training events. Join our monthly book club and have direct access to authors. Send in your questions to Ask The Expert about what’s on your mind and receive practical, relevant answers from real experts. Plus take part in free monthly open coaching sessions (first come, first served basis).
  • Connections: Stay in touch with other like-minded women, mentors and role models through our virtual programs and events.

How does my employer benefit?

In today’s “do more with less, bottom line-it” business climate, now more than ever, organizations need women to lead.  In fact, studies show that having more women at the top improves financial performance.

“Studies have repeatedly indicated that corporations with a higher proportion of women in top management show more successful growth in terms of a range of goals including operating results, employee satisfaction, public image and stock price.”  *Source: Ernst & Young report, Groundbreakers: Using the strength of women to rebuild the world economy.

 “Having more women at the top improves financial performance.”

Then, why is it that a woman’s salary continues to lag that of her male counterpart, paying only 77 cents on the dollar?

In addition, at a time when it’s critical to have a broader talent pool from which to draw from, the women leaders who actively participate in our WATT® programs have more confidence when leading, when taking risks, and when building relationships that matter.  They also have access to experts and role models that help them to be more successful in their jobs.

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