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Regina Barr is committed to helping individuals and organizations of all sizes achieve success. We frequently receive requests for different organizational tools. Periodically, we post the most requested tools here for your use.

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The 20-Minute Networking Meeting: Learn to Network.
Get a Job.
Marcia Ballinger

Already used and respected by Fortune 500 leaders, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting is full of straightforward networking advice that gives the reader insight into “the invisible job market”-where nearly all executive jobs are found-and helps garner the deserved respect of contacts.

Built on the premises of brevity and positivity, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting is packed with real-world scenarios, short stories, meeting examples, and dozens of tips and observations from two hiring authorities/executive recruitment experts. From the quick and thorough explanation of how networking works, to a full demonstration of the model in action, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting is rounded out with a complete set of readiness worksheets to take you, step-by-step, through your networking preparation. This powerful networking model is designed for executives in transition, and anyone else who knows that widening a professional network-and the opportunities existing therein-is a key to your success.

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Reality-Based Leadership: Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace, & Turn Excuses Into Results
Cy Wakeman

Recent Gallup polls show that approximately 70% of workers think about quitting their jobs every day. That number would be shocking—if people actually were quitting. Worse, they go to work, punching time clocks and collecting pay checks, while completely checked out emotionally and mentally. InReality-Based Leadership, expert Fast Company blogger Cy Wakeman reveals how to be the kind of leader who changes the way people think about and perceive their circumstances—one who deals with the facts, clarifies roles, gives clear and direct feedback, and insists that everyone do the same. Reality-Based Leaders quickly recognize and accept the reality of their situation, and efficiently channel their (and others’) energy toward optimizing results. They learn to anticipate changes and capitalize on them as opportunities—without drama or defensiveness.

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Less Stress Business: A Guide for Hiring, Coaching, and Leading Great Employees
Jamie Sussel Turner

When asked to rate the stress they experience around managing people, on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being maxed out stress), many business owners, managers, and executives rate themselves at a 9 or 10. There is a high cost to all of this stress both in workplace tension, personal health, and a lack of work/life balance.

Jamie Sussel Turner helps readers look beyond blaming their employees when things don’t go well to getting to the heart of the leadership issues that fuel their stress. With engaging anecdotes, drawn from Sussel Turner’s coaching practice, and clear strategies drawn from her leadership experience, Less Stress Business helps readers lead in new ways so they reduce their stress and lead with more clarity and calm than they ever imagined was possible.

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