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Regina Barr, has one goal: to develop people and inspire success. Regina regales her audiences by providing them with hands-on knowledge combined with the practical wisdom and relevant stories gained through successfully navigating corporate America for over 20 years. These attributes earned her recognition as one of Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s “40 Twin Cities professionals under 40 years old” for her business accomplishments and community contributions as well as the MN-NAWBO Achieve Vision Award in 2016. Her low-key humor and experiential style make her approachable and well-loved by her audiences for over ten years.


“Regina Barr delivered a delightful presentation on how to think “Big” which was filled with interesting anecdotes.  I especially loved how she relayed the “Burnt Toast” analogy by Teri Hatcher. This is so true of a woman’s nature.  Drawing on Jim Collins’ work and concepts was also appreciated. A pleasure to attend!”
 Karen Skirten, Corporate President

“We had the great fortune to have Regina Barr speak on the topic of Influence.  She had the highest  TCHRA scorecard program results and best attended monthly program that I have seen since I have lead programming at TCHRA.”

Sue Kruse, President, Twin Cities Human Resource Association




Looking for a seminar, workshop or keynote speaker for a business or association event? Interested in employee development programs? Regina has numerous topics for you to choose from the list below including leadership, management, small business and women’s topics. For custom seminars or workshops, contact us.


Regina Barr has three programs in the Professional Fitness™ series designed to help companies train their employees on critical leadership competencies as identified in the The Leadership Gap Study.

  • Professional Fitness™ Problem Solving and Decision Making –Problem solving and decision making is the ability to analyze a situation, identify alternative solutions and make appropriate decisions. This program will help you increase your skills and give you confidence relative to this important leadership competency.
  • Professional Fitness™ Initiative and Risk Taking – Initiative and risk taking is the ability to demonstrate individual drive and accept responsibility for actions. This program will help you increase your skills and give you confidence relative to this leadership competency.
  • Professional Fitness™ Delivering High Quality Results – Delivering quality results is the commitment to produce high quality work (research, procedures, services, products) consistently over time.  This program will help you increase your skills and give you confidence relative to this leadership competency.

This program helps organizations teach and communicate the standards and foundation principles for what it means to be a professional, and how to behave and act professionally. This experiential program is available in 1, 4 and 8 hour segments.

Taking the time to understand the different behaviors of people is the key to effective communication. Discovering how to communicate more effectively will enable you to achieve greater results. This experiential program is available in 2, 4 and 6 hour segments.

*Regina Barr through Red Ladder, Inc. is a licensed distributor through Target Training International (TTI). Continuing education credits (CEU) are available for attending this program which has been reviewed and approved through Target Training International by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). One contact hour = 0.1 CEU.

Participants will learn the key factors to personal and professional success. Plus, receive practical tips from a leader who knows that the true power of success resides in one place – you!

Today’s leader is often in a position of influence, rather than power, whether they realize it or not. The ability to affect others’ actions, decisions, opinions or thinking will be their most critical key to leadership success no matter what their role in the organization. Topics will include:

• Barriers that may impede the ability to influence others – including your boss!

• Dynamics of “power differentials” and how to tip them in your favor!

• How to partner with high-powered people without giving your own power away!

• Identifying your own persuasive abilities and conflict style so you can use them to your advantage!

Geared towards both experienced and emerging leaders, this seminar will allow participants to develop self-awareness and influence skills for leading, so others will follow.

Participants will learn how to use personal/ positional power to their advantage, assess their own persuasive abilities, and identify their conflict style. Participants will tie it all together by using this information in creating a strategy to manage a personal leadership challenge they are facing.

This program gets leaders to think outside of the box and measure themselves as a leader from the perspective of the follower. Participants will learn the five key areas that will determine their effectiveness as a leader and develop an action plan for ensuring their own ongoing leadership success.

Feeling stuck in your quest to climb the corporate ladder? This program focuses on the current work environment, the new employment contract, and the birth of the free agent.  Learn the impact this has on corporate careers and how you can create a plan and still to move ahead in a work environment where up is no longer the only way in creating career success.


Success in business is equal parts inspiration, perspiration, and improvisation. Participants will learn simple improvisation techniques that will help them be more agile, creative and confident in successfully handling the unexpected — no matter what the business situation.

Participants will learn the keys to successfully establishing and completing goals using the SMART method. Through case studies and small group interaction, participants will practice the SMART methodology. Participants will leave with an action plan for achieving several of their own SMART goals.

Participants gain a better understanding of the forces that are changing the ways in which we all work, and they will develop skills that enable them to align their talents and interests with the unique opportunities they face.

Note: Thriving in 24/7 is a program of Financial Women International. Regina Barr is qualified to lead this program through her affiliation and training with Financial Women International.

Want to give your company an edge over the competition? Then consider this program which focuses on all forms of etiquette – from dining, entertaining clients, meeting, office, travel – and provides your employees with essential skills for business success.


Besides your business card, your 60-second commercial is the most important tool in your marketing repertoire. Participants will learn the art of effective networking and the true purpose of an elevator speech, key considerations in crafting an elevator speech as well as other important uses for it.

Competitive pricing is critical to business success. Learn how to: determine how much to charge, how to select a pricing strategy, understand the ethics and other considerations of pricing. Participants will be able to develop a pricing strategy and philosophy for selling their products and services.


With over a dozen years of banking experience and numerous interviews with executive women in banking, Regina Barr will share insights on the key barriers that impact a woman’s ability to climb the proverbial ladder of success as well as the strategies for overcoming them. Participants will utilize this information to develop an action plan for creating their own pathway to success in the corporate realm.

Participants will learn about women’s ways of leading and examine the critical areas where women make all the difference. Through case studies, participants learn how to break down barriers so that they may embrace their own personal leadership style and why vision and voice will be critical for leadership success in the new economy!

This workshop lays out a step-by-step program that will help you to first put a realistic price tag on what you bring to the table and then to develop a strategy for realizing that value. With these conditions in place, you set the stage for future negotiations and are positioned to get what you are worth.

Note: Getting What You’re Worth is a program of Negotiating Women, LLC. Regina Barr is qualified to lead this program through her affiliation with Negotiating Women, LLC.

Women have to negotiate for the conditions to create career success.  This dynamic, interactive and fun workshop provides participants with the tools they need to understand the special tests that the workplace reserves just for women, avoid the traps that can stall your career and much more!

Note: Her Place at the Table is a program of Negotiating Women, LLC. Regina Barr is qualified to lead this program through her affiliation with Negotiating Women, LLC .

Participants will learn how to create opportunities for mutual gains that enhance relationships, identify ways in which we get in our own way, and learn strategies for getting out of our own way. Through self-analysis, case studies and discussions, participants will learn the basics of negotiating.

As a woman, have you wondered why others get promoted and you don’t? Participants will learn to discover what is worth promoting about you and why it is important, how to overcome the invisibility trap, and how to craft a strategy for visibility.

Interested in having Regina speak at your event? For more information, contact us now!


Speaking Engagements

June 24, 2020 Minnesota Women Lawyers (MWL) , Influence Strategies -What Every Leader Needs to Know!™, Virtual Seminar

Dec 18, 2019 Twin Cities Society for Human Resource Management, Your Professional ROI™: Five Building Blocks for Professional Success™, Webinar

Nov 9, 2019 Bethel University, Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Effectiveness™, St. Paul MN

Oct 11, 2019 MN Consultant Dietician’s, Dynamic Communication™: How to Communicate With Just About Anyone Without Getting Fried!, Blaine MN

Oct 7, 2019 Northeast Bank, Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Effectiveness™ Part 2, Minneapolis MN

Sept 23, 2019 Northeast Bank, Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Effectiveness™ Part 1, Minneapolis MN

Sept 19, 2019 U.S. Bank Law Division, Elevating Workplace Success by Putting Personality Styles to Work for You! ™, Minneapolis MN

Aug 28, 2019 Twin Cities Society for Human Resource Management, Communication on a Stick!™ How to Communicate with Just About Anyone Without Getting Fried!, Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul MN

July 22-25, 2019 Graduate School of Banking Colorado, Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Effectiveness™, Boulder CO