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Work with Regina – Consulting

Regina Barr realizes that you may encounter roadblocks in meeting corporate goals. Whether it is a lack of resources, skill deficiency or an obstacle preventing you or your team from delivering results, Regina is here to help. Regina takes a comprehensive approach to consulting and will create a customized plan for each project, based on your needs, and the needs of your organization.

Regina provides consulting in leadership/ team development (strategic planning, coaching, meeting facilitation, team building, training), strategy development (strategic planning, transition management, project management) and strategic human resource management (succession planning, job benchmarks, engagement surveys, employee handbooks, training). Regina uses individual and team assessments when needed.

Regina will use a copyrighted three-step RED Approach – Research, Education, and Development – to create dramatically different results. View our case studies as shown below .

“Regina  thinks  strategically  and  remains  focused  in  challenging  situations.  Since  I  can’t  convince  her  to  join  the  company,  I  just  have  to  keep  bringing  her  back  as  a  consultant.  I  would  absolutely  work  with  her  again.”  

John  Vekich,  Vice  President,  Thrivent  Financial  For  Lutherans

Consulting Services

Achieve results while managing through staff and organizational transitions. Regina Barr will help you continue to move your short-term initiatives forward while helping you determine the best long-range solutions during times of organizational change. Working with Regina, you can expect to achieve critical organizational outcomes.

Get work done while developing your staff. Regina Barr will lead your initiative, identify issues and priorities, and develop and implement an action plan to address both. We will drive the initiative through to a timely resolution. Uniquely, we will also teach your team to take over and do it on their own. You will see your staff confidence and skills increase all through the initiative, positioning you for future success.

Team dynamics are critical to organizational success. Regina Barr will work with you to help your team to: develop trust and mutual respect for one another, communicate openly and effectively with one another, develop team goals and joint accountability for achieving those goals, and team norms. You will have an action plan and key measures of success for obtaining improved morale, greater productivity and higher retention.

Case Studies

Regina Barr was brought into a Fortune 500 financial services organization to help a team that was not gaining the momentum necessary to get a key initiative moving forward.

Regina collected relevant data, completed stakeholder interviews, and developed a deep dive issue analysis. As a result of the analysis, core issues were identified and communicated such as:

  1. Inadequate team skills
  2. Resource gaps
  3. Missing organizational structures (meeting management, reporting mechanisms, executive engagement/ sponsorship)

The executive sponsor and team members were personally coached with encouragement and hard, constructive feedback. Short term recommendations and quick hits for improvement were identified and implemented immediately. In addition, longer term recommendations were made to address resource gaps and to realign the organizational structure including changes to roles and reporting relationships.

The result? The executive and team coaching helped to position the leader and her team for success and engagement. There was a dramatic positive change to the work culture and the entire team remained to move the initiative forward successfully. The project was delivered on time and on budget.

Regina Barr was brought into a financial service organization that was going backwards and in danger of falling apart. Morale was low and frustration was growing. The overall organization was studied and the workload and efficiency were evaluated specifically. Regina identified the core issue as the leadership inexperience and excessive workload.

Regina provided executive skills coaching and developed a plan to increase individual confidence to achieve goals and be positioned for longer-term growth.

The result? The executive coaching produced necessary behavior changes and visible/ tangible results. Major changes and improvements were completed, the work teams became re-engaged, the executive did not resign, and the goals and results were achieved that were set forth in the strategic plan.

Regina Barr was brought into a financial services organization to help two teams that did not work effectively together. The work was not done timely and the quality was substandard. Morale within both teams was very poor.

The teams were studied by using the Regina’s copyrighted approach. Past work history was evaluated and individuals were interviewed to determine the source of the problems. As a result of this research, themes and trends were identified and communicated to key leaders.

Recommendations were made to create a value proposition, do team building exercises and re-frame expectations for behavior while highlighting quick and easy hits for improvement.

Regina helped to create a value proposition for the organization and facilitated the creation of team norms for behavior standards in the workplace.

The project was delivered on time and on target. As a result of Regina’s consulting efforts, the teams and individuals, respectively, became more productive and employee moral improved.