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Work with Regina – Coaching

Employee workforce issues, particularly at the executive level, interfere with results, costing an organization real money. Regina helps individuals identify and solve these executive development issues in a safe, confidential environment where individuals can share, face real issues and grow.   Regina will study and interpret the situation, then recommend and solve the executive development issues.

Regina will take a comprehensive approach to executive coaching and will create a customized plan for each executive, based on the needs of the executive and his/ her organization. Regina uses a copyrighted, three-step RED Approach – Research, Education, and Development.


“Regina, having you as my executive coach is one of the best investments I’ve made in my career. I appreciate how you challenged me to gain focus in my career, to understand myself better, and to appreciate and build confidence in my own abilities. What I’ve learned from you has made a big difference in my career and my life”

Linda Nelson, CPA

“As my coach, Regina has been honest and sincere in providing constructive feedback with practical, real examples and illustrations. She has helped me realize the importance of strategic planning, and challenged me to differentiate between tactical and strategic thinking. This new process of thinking has helped me achieve my business goals resulting in my professional success and a positive impact to the bottom line.”

Melissa Curzon, Vice President
California Bank and Trust

“You have been and are, absolutely the right coach at the right time!”

Mary Quist-Newins, President, Certified Financial Planner®
Moneyweave, LLC

“I have been a part of Women at the Top ® Executive Women Roundtable led by Regina for almost 3 years! The feedback and coaching I received from these outstanding leaders has been invaluable as I have grown in my role and my career!” 

Alona Rindal, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at U.S. Bank

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have you (or one of your direct reports) been passed over for promotion or have a position that is at risk?
  2. Are you (or one of your direct reports) facing a new or extremely challenging situation?
  3. Do you (or one of your direct reports) have strategic goals that are not being met or initiatives that have stalled?
  4. Are you (or one of your direct reports) experiencing decreased productivity, decreased employee morale, or increased turnover? On a personal, departmental or organization-wide level?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then executive coaching may be a good choice for you.

As your coach, Regina can:

  • Help employees break through work problems to see real causes and new solutions.
  • Coach leaders who are new to an organization or have inherited a team.
  • Help leaders break through style issues.
  • Help high potential employees to develop the language of leadership required for promotion.
  • Identify obstacles tripping up leaders or high potential employees and help them build skills to help overcome them.